The Books

Moscow Bound

He fights for the powerless. Can he win when his enemy is the Russian state?

Human rights lawyer Scott Mitchell believes no one – not even the government – is above the law. Fresh off winning a war crimes case against the Kremlin, he’s approached by a beautiful Russian woman begging for help finding her father hidden in the Gulags. And when she narrowly escapes a brutal car bombing, Mitchell senses bad actors already have her in the crosshairs and jumps into action.


Dancing with Shadows

A high-stakes frame job. International intrigue. Will this upstanding advocate for the underdog find himself six feet under?

Scott Mitchell’s idealism is in tatters. Already disillusioned by run-ins with corrupt agencies, he’s framed for laundering $250 million for the Chechen mafia. But when MI6 offers to fix everything in exchange for spying on a Russian oligarch, his strong moral compass forces him to refuse the dirty deal  – and he becomes trapped in a power play that could cost him his life.

The Prague Protocol

A shocking assassination. A lethal cover up. Can a prominent British lawyer smash a conspiracy before he becomes the next victim?

Scott Mitchell’s idealism has now turned to cynicism. So when a top UK politician is assassinated, he’s not surprised to discover an incriminating list of names linking his Russian oligarch client to the crime. With MI6 and the police determined to string him up for the murder,  Mitchell must choose his allies carefully… or pay with his life.