The Puppet Meisters Book Series

Follow human rights lawyer Scott Mitchell’s battles with corrupt governments in Russia, Europe and the USA, as he risks his life fighting for his clients’ causes and is forced to re-evaluate his belief in the rule of law and due process at every turn.

The more layers he peels off the onion, the more duplicity and cover ups he encounters. With each journey he finds himself descending further and further into Dante’s inferno, where twisted souls live in fear of their own shadows.

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My Russian connection

Adrian Churchward is an English lawyer who has worked in the West and Soviet Union/Russia representing a variety of clients from multinational corporations to individual investors – both Western and Russian.

Adrian first acquired a taste for Russian culture in his early teens when he immersed himself in the works of Dostoyevsky and Gogol. A sight-seeing visit to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) followed in 1973 and laid the foundations of his life-long interest in the Russian people and language.