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Moscow Bound by Adrian Churchward: "Would make a great film starring Liam Neeson"

23/09/2014 at 10:03

I hope you at least check out the prologue of this book. If it doesn’t chill you, perhaps the news that a small group of Russian men had been imprisoned for over 30 years…

Sokolov had been one of the men assigned to keep control of some of those individuals…

Moscow Bound blew me away from the first page to the very end! The author lived and worked in Moscow, Budapest and Prague between 1984 and 1998. As you know, I like to recognize an author who has gained his expertise for a novel through direct experience or training… This author was right there on the line for several major events as well as in a working environment in the country… Kudos for using your experience to share great thrillers beginning with the Debut novel of The Puppet Meisters trilogy…

Scott Mitchell, an idealistic young English human rights lawyer has just won a major case in the European Court of Human Rights! So you might say that Mitchell had become an overnight-star in the Human Rights arena. Of course it meant a good or bad reputation depending upon whose side you were on!

But still, can you blame her for immediately going to him for help?! All he saw was that she was beautiful… But as he listened he wasn’t sure why she had contacted him. It sounded like she needed, perhaps, a private investigator… You know, of course, that he agreed to help, right? And I’m sure that it had nothing to do with her being beautiful, right!???

Anyway… all Ekaterina knew was that her father was being held… somewhere in Russia. She further stressed that he was not missing–rather, that the authorities were holding him prisoner. She was sure that they knew where he was… First let me go back to the prologue. Yuri Sokolov was one of the top agents who had been assigned a group of men who were imprisoned for no reason other than who they were and what the military wanted done… It doesn’t appear that Sokolov was such a bad man, but, still, he had been given the responsibility and never chose to question why these men were imprisoned. What that means for Scott Mitchell was that he was about to enter in a dangerous situation well out of the courtroom and surrounded by military enemies who now hated him because of the win for the Chechens.

Then the first clue came from an unknown informant that they should go to an apartment on Mosfilmovskaya Street. By the time they got there, a man had been murdered. Neither knew who he was…And so the hunt begins… But first, Ekaterina shares part of a letter to “whet his appetite…”

As I read and got more and more involved with the action of the search, a man came to mind that would represent Scott Mitchell… Anybody who has seen Liam Neelson go after somebody like he’s done in several of his movies, will realize the skill, tenacious, and fearless character that we meet in Moscow Bound. A very cool character that takes nothing from nobody! And that’s what was needed to break into a prison and escape with one of the prisoners…if, indeed, that was where he was and if he was still even alive…

Got to say that this would make a wonderful movie! But if that doesn’t happen, check out this book further. This is probably the best inside book I’ve read of this time period in Russia . Everybody knows I love Talanov in James Houston Turner’s books, which you should also check out if you haven’t already! But The Puppet Meisters trilogy is coming in close…Can’t wait for the next book! Highly recommended!

See the following link to the full review with images and video – http://nblo.gs/106jjz

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